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Emergency Services

Carteret's emergency department offers 24-hours a day, seven days a week service to treat emergency medical problems. Patients who visit the emergency department will be initially evaluated through our triage system. This means that each patient is seen by a specially trained nurse or physician to determine the level of medical emergency. The process allows us to know which patients have the most serious needs and begin their treatment first.

Sometimes we begin your care to diagnose and treat you before you have been assigned a bed. This may include performing lab tests, x-rays or other diagnostic tests. Though you may be in the waiting room during this time, we hope this will reduce the time in the treatment area.

There are occasions when many patients use our services at the same time. You are important to us and we work hard to reduce waiting times but cannot control when emergencies occur. If, while in the waiting room, your condition worsens, please see the triage nurse immediately.

Our waiting room is equipped with free Wi-Fi and a television.

Our emergency department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including cardiac monitors that feed into a central system, and a tube delivery transport system.

Know the Difference: When to Visit the Emergency Room

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