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Coronavirus COVID 19 Resources

Latest Update from Carteret Health Care

For your safety, Carteret Health Care requires all patients and staff to wear a face covering or mask upon arrival. Visitors and support persons will be screened in the main lobby and emergency entrance.

Carteret Health Care continues to encourage social distancing, hand hygiene and wearing a mask to ensure the safety of staff, patients and our community.

Effective August 18, 2021, with the increase in Covid cases in Carteret County and in our hospital, we are further limiting visitation guidelines. For the safety of our patients, staff and community, the following guidelines are in place:

• In-patient, day surgery and Labor & Delivery patients may have one healthy adult visitor for the duration of the patient’s visit.

• One emergency visitor for adult patients will be allowed once the patient is in a bed. The waiting room is not open.

• The cafeteria, Gift Shop and Java Stop is not open to visitors.

Thank you for understanding as we are trying to keep everyone safe.

Until August 18, 2021, we are adhering to the following visitor guidelines to give you access to your loved ones:

  • Inpatient visitor hours are from 8 AM – 8 PM. Visitor hours for outpatient and emergency patients are based on time of visit.
  • Visitors should check in and out through the main lobby and emergency entrance.
  • Visitors will be screened daily.
  • Everyone inside Carteret Health Care must wear a mask over their nose and mouth during the entirety of their stay inside the hospital, including patient rooms, halls and restrooms.
  • Visitors should clean their hands before and after entering a patient room.
  • Visitors may not use the cafeteria, Java Stop or Gift Gallery.
  • Waiting room space remains limited.
  • Physical distancing of 6 feet should be maintained at all times.

EMERGENCY SERVICE patients may have 1 healthy, adult visitor in the patient’s room at a time. Pediatric patients may have 2. Visitors will wait in their vehicle until the patient is in a bed.

OUTPATIENTS may have 1 healthy, adult visitor during their outpatient visit.
Pediatric patients under the age of 18 may have two adult visitors at all times.
Pastors may have short visits during normal visiting hours.
End of life patients may have up to 4 visitors in the room at a time. Visitors under 18 years may be coordinated with the nurse.

No visitors will be allowed in rooms of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive patients with exceptions for End of life, pediatric and Labor and Delivery.

Overnight visitation may be arranged for 1 inpatient visitor.

As always, it is our priority to provide you with quality healthcare with exceptional compassion and respect.

Virtual visitation with family members is still offered to communicate with patients and can be coordinated by calling the Clinical Coordinator on duty at 499-6559 or using personal devices.

Waiting rooms and space remains limited. Physical distancing of 6 feet should be maintained while in a CHC facility.

Monoclonal Antibody Treatment is now located at Carteret Health Care Treatment Clinic at 3610 Medical Park, Morehead City. Click here for more information about this treatment.

COVID Virtual Care Program is a great option for anyone COVID positive. Click here to learn more about this option.

Thank you for understanding. We want to keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

What Are My Best Resources for New Information?

The best resource for the latest information is the CDC website.

There, you will find detailed information on COVID-19, including how it spreads, symptoms, prevention and treatment, and other frequently asked questions. Additional information specific to North Carolina can be found on the NC Department of Health & Human Services webpage.

Staying Safe While You Are Here

Wear a Mask

  • Visitors are required to wear a mask at all times.

This includes treatment rooms, patient rooms, waiting rooms, and any other location throughout the facility. If you do not have a mask, CHC staff will provide one for you.

  • Patients may remove their mask in the room but should put it back on when staff enters the room.
  • Visitors who cannot tolerate wearing a mask or face covering will not be permitted in the facility.
  • Inpatient visitor hours are from 8 AM - 8 PM.
  • Visitor hours for outpatient and emergency patients are based on time of visit or scheduled appointment.

Physical Distance

  • Wait at least 6 feet apart
  • Avoid close contact

Clean Your Hands

  • Use soap and water and wash for at least 20 seconds OR use hand sanitizer.

Practice Respiratory Etiquette

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow and avoid contact with your hands.

Thank you for your cooperation and helping us ensure the health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff.

Further Questions?

If you have questions or concerns about COVID-19, the North Carolina Division of Public Health is the most appropriate organization to contact. They have established a call line at 1-866-462-3821 to address general questions about coronavirus from the public.

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