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Occupational Therapy

Our skilled occupational therapists in Morehead City provide outstanding services that directly address the functional limitations that can prevent you from living your day-to-day activities. While similar to physical therapy in that the services help you rebuild strength, occupational therapy is different, because the goals are more patient specific. By contrast, physical therapy is focused on a patient’s overall mobility and quality of life, and physical therapy concentrates more on your specific impairment by itself. So, if one of your most immediate concerns for recovery was regaining the ability to type so you can return to work, occupational therapy would likely be recommended as a complement to physical therapy.

Occupational Therapy:

  • Focused on helping patients live their day-to-day life without difficulty
  • Helps patients achieve personal goals for recovery
  • Helps patients deal with the mental and emotional challenges of their condition

Services Available:

  • Orthopedics for Upper Extremity Dysfunctions
  • Hand Therapy and Custom Splinting
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Acute Management of the Injured Worker
  • Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
  • Biomechanics Analysis of Upper Extremity Dysfunction
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Sabeo Upper Extremity Rehabilitation after Stroke
  • Adaptive Equipment Training

Licensed Occupational Therapists in Morehead City

Based on your physician’s prescription, our highly skilled occupational therapists will observe your daily living activities and assist you in your home or work environments through adaptive techniques or devices so you can remain as independent as possible.

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To contact the Rehabilitation Department, please call 252-499-8461.

Carteret Health Care's outpatient rehabilitation services are located at:
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