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An Echocardiogram lets you view your heart and see how it works.


You’ll be asked to remove your clothes from the waist up, wear a hospital gown and lie on your left side. A small camera held by the technician will be placed and moved around your chest in the area of your heart. Gel, like KY jelly, will be used and washes off easily. This picks up sound waves from the heart that will make a picture on a monitor. These pictures are recorded on a videotape. Small sticky patches with wires will be placed on areas of your body. You may be asked not to talk during the test. The test takes about one hour.

Important Points:

  • No special preparation is necessary. You may eat and go about your normal activities
  • Continue to take your medications
  • The test is completed in the Cardiopulmonary Department
  • The technician will be with you at all times
  • Check in at Registration 15 minutes before your appointment.

Call the Cardiopulmonary Department if you have questions at 252-808-6195.