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12 Lead Electrocardiogram (EKG)


The 12 Lead Electrocardiogram (EKG) checks the health of your heart by seeing if you have irregular and/or dangerous heart beats.


It measures the electrical activity of your heart and takes 5 - 10 minutes. Ten pads are put on your chest, arms and legs. Then a special recording machine is hooked to the pads and a reading of your heart rate and rhythm is printed on paper.

Important Points:

  • The test is painless, has no risks and is often routine before surgery
  • You’ll be asked to loosen or remove your clothes from the waist up
  • Please tell the technician if you’re wearing any cream, lotion or powder. This must be removed to get a good reading
  • Check in at the Admitting Office before coming to the Outpatient Testing Room to have your EKG completed
  • Outpatient EKGs are completed Monday through Friday, 8 am until 4:30 pm. NO appointment is necessary.

Call the Cardiopulmonary Department if you have questions at 252-808-6195.