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Bronchial Provocation Study


The purpose of the inhaled bronchial provocation study using PROVOCHOLINE® is to determine how responsive (or irritable) your airways are and to determine the severity of asthma, if present.


You’ll be asked to inhale a mist containing different concentrations of PROVOCHOLINE®. The mist is produced by a device called a nebulizer, and you’ll inhale the mist through a mouthpiece. Before and after testing begins, you will be asked to blow forcefully into pulmonary function testing equipment. The test may take up to three hours to complete.

Patient Instructions

  • Bring a list of current medications
  • Please refrain from foods that may contain caffeine such as coffee, tea, soda or chocolate for at least 24 hours prior to scheduled test
  • Please refrain from using inhaled:
  • No special preparation is necessary. You may eat and go about your normal activities
  • The test is completed in the Cardiopulmonary Services Department
  • Check in at the Registration/Patient Access Department 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment

Please contact the Cardiopulmonary Services Department at 252-808-6195.