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Carteret Health Care Appoints New Medical Director Leadership for New Orthopedic Hospitalist Team

Dr. Neil Vining has been appointed Medical Director for a new Orthopedic Hospitalist program at Carteret Health Care. As the Hospital Department Medical Director, Dr. Vining will promote the effective delivery of emergency hospitalist orthopedic services to the hospital and the community of Carteret County. Dr. Vining received his medical degree from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and is fellowship trained at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. He is American Board certified in Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Vining, along with two other board certified surgeons, Alfred Cardet, MD and Joseph Zucker, MD, began seeing emergency patients needing orthopedic services as part of the new program on April 1st. Carteret Health Care partnered with Delphi of TeamHealth to provide this team of dedicated orthopedic surgeons who will evaluate emergent patients, perform surgeries as needed, provide follow-up care and in-house consults and support the medical staff.

Follow-up care is provided to patients in the Carteret Orthopedic Hospitalist Clinic Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm. Call 252-808-6156 for additional information.

Hospitalists are members of a team of physicians dedicated to the hospital and committed exclusively to its patients. This allows other physicians in the community to focus on patients who have scheduled appointments in their practices. Hospitalists must meet the same requirements as every other physician on the hospital’s medical staff and were chosen because of their skills and ability to provide quality patient care.

Since 2008, a medical hospitalist program has been in place at Carteret Health Care and has become an increasingly important part of the team. Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in managing a patient’s care while in the hospital and can quickly respond to changes in the patient’s condition, order medical changes or tests and answer questions.