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Seven Students Receive Pat Ausband Nursing Scholarships and Two Receive Brinson Foundation Scholarships

Carteret Health Care is pleased to announce that nine nursing scholarships have been awarded to individuals residing in Carteret County.

The seven recipients of the F. Patrick Ausband scholarships are Katie Owen, Tammy McKinnie, Bailey Ragsdale, Jenna Etheridge, Allison Johnson, Erica Wade and Colby Case.

Each recipient is eligible for funding up to $10,000 depending on which program they are enrolled and where they are in the program.

Carteret Health Care offers the F. Patrick Ausband scholarships for individuals pursuing health careers. These scholarships focus on Registered Nurses and should there be an identified need, may also include Respiratory Therapy, Radiography and Surgical Technicians. 

These can be awarded for Associate or Baccalaureate degree programs where a license is obtainable upon graduation. 

Scholarships cover approximately 90% of the total cost of the program for in-state tuition, up to $10,000. Preference for the F. Patrick Ausband scholarships are given to individuals who are residents of Carteret County.

In addition to these seven, two additional scholarships were given by the Carteret Health Care Foundation. These two recipients, Megan Davies and Megan Fisher are also from Carteret County and are supported by the Brinson Scholarship Fund.

All nine of the scholarship recipients plan to start their nursing careers at Carteret Health Care.