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Dr. David Jaworski 2019 Physician of the Year

David A. Jaworski, MD has been selected as the 2019 Physician of the Year at Carteret Health Care. He was honored during a celebration on Friday, March 29th at the Promise Land in Morehead City during a gathering and recognition of all physicians on National Doctors Day. 

“This honor is awarded to the physician who consistently achieves high standards in the practice of medicine and is looked upon as a role model by peers” shared Dr. Luis Cuervo, Chief of Staff. “There were many accolades submitted regarding Dr. Jaworski and he is most deserving.”

Dr. Jaworski is a graduate of Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, NH. He completed his residency at UCONN-SOM in Harford, CT and his internship at St. Francis Healthcare in Hartford, CT. He is American Board Certified in Family Medicine.

He has practiced as a Hospitalist at Carteret Health Care since 2012. Prior to joining the Carteret team Dr. Jaworski was the Hospitalist Medical Director at Windham Hospital in Willimantic, CT and before that, he practiced traditional family medicine for 20 years.

During this time, Dr. Jaworski became acutely aware of the benefits of a hospitalist program - allowing primary care providers to see patients without having to leave the office unexpectedly for hospital emergencies, more efficient admission of patients, and prompt attention to the sickest hospital patients.

Using his experience as both a hospitalist and primary care physician, he focuses on improving some of the challenges for patients in Carteret County such as not seeing their primary care physicians, improving the doctor and patient relationship, and creating a more seamless coordination of care between the hospital and outpatient setting. Dr. Jaworski is a member of the medical staff leadership at Carteret Health Care in his capacity as Chief of Medicine.

Those who nominated Dr. Jaworski shared the following:

  • Dr. Jaworski is a great teacher, but observing him talking to his patients is even better. In the fast paced environment of the hospital, every patient is given his undivided attention. He pulls up a chair and sits closely to the patient to hear their story.
  • Dr. Jaworski has been a cornerstone of the Hospitalist Program for a number of years, combining terrific clinical skills and compassion as an unmatched combination in Carteret Health Care.
  • He is always so pleasant and kind when we call with patient information. He is never too busy.
  • He’s kind, honest, understands the way it works with patients that are early in their presentation of disease to the hospital. He spends time teaching, not just the students, but anyone and everyone.
  • Dr. Jaworski has been a hospitalist at Carteret Health Care for several years, delivering excellent care and being an active participant in improving care for the patients of Carteret Health Care. He was here during Hurricane Florence and delivered his usual style of excellent and compassionate care, all the while with a cheerful and supportive demeanor. Not only can you count on Dr. Jaworski to deliver excellent care but he is consistently working to "do the right thing". Dr. Jaworski has helped Carteret Health Care improve at the highest level.
  • My sister was an inpatient about a year ago now, Dr. Jaworski sat down with my mother and myself explained everything to us and never acted like he was in a hurry, that my sister was his priority. His dedication to his patients is like no other. He needs to be recognized for his hard work and loyalty to his team, his patients and to this hospital.
  • Dr. Jaworski took on CUSOM students to help us learn during our clinical rotations. I learned more in my one month with him than my other rotations combined! This is because he gave me time with patients, and allowed me the freedom to get to know our patients. He showed me the importance of pulling up a chair, sitting down with a patient and their family despite the hectic pace of the hospital, and just listening. His style of active listening, and allowing patients to tell their story led us to find some pretty remarkable diagnoses. We saw things I wouldn’t have imagined seeing during my time here, and he allowed me to be hands on during these cases for optimal learning. He is a wonderful preceptor, and a wonderful person to learn how to develop the best patient and provider relationship.

“He is more than worthy of this honor and we offer him sincere congratulations and appreciation for his dedication for better health in Carteret County” stated Dick Brvenik, President of Carteret Health Care. “He exemplifies the caring and compassion that distinguish so many remarkable physicians.”

When he is not caring for patients, Dr. Jaworski enjoys spending time with family, exploring our local environment, traveling across our country and internationally, photography, and appreciates nature as can be noted by the magnificent photographs he takes.