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Dr. Mary Katherine Lawrence Physician of the Year

Mary Katherine Lawrence, MD has been selected as the 2018 Physician of the Year at Carteret Health Care. She was honored during a celebration on Friday, March 30th at the Celebration Cottage, during a gathering and recognition of all physicians on National Doctors Day.

“This honor is awarded to the physician who consistently achieves high standards in the practice of medicine and is looked upon as a role model by his or her peer” shared Dr. Donald Pocock, Vice President of Medical Affairs. “There were many accolades submitted regarding Dr. Lawrence. She is more than deserving of this honor and we offer her sincere congratulations and appreciation for her dedication for better health in Carteret County.”

Dr. Lawrence attended medical school at George Washington University School of Medicine, completed her fellowship at UNC-Chapel Hill and her residency at Vanderbilt University Hospitals. She is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and in Endocrinology and Metabolism.

She along with her husband, Dr. Art Klose, have practiced in Morehead City since 1994. Dr. Lawrence’s areas of focus are diabetes, thyroid disease, and the detection, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

In addition to providing care for her patients at Carteret Medical Group, Dr. Lawrence founded and serves as the medical director of the Broad Street Clinic, a free health clinic serving adult residents of Carteret County and surrounding area. With a grant from the Carteret Health Care Foundation, Dr. Lawrence launched a BoneFit™ exercise and education program for individuals with osteoporosis, osteopenia and those at risk for bone fractures. In her free time, she is a devotee of CrossFit, biking, and travel.

No stranger to volunteering, in 1976 Dr. Lawrence was noted in The Chattanooga Free Press as “…she began her volunteer work when she was 14, giving her time helping out at Orange Grove School, even spent one summer in Chattanooga working at the Volunteer Bureau helping other people get placed in volunteer positions.” From the same article, she was recognized “…for her extraordinary efforts as a volunteer in helping bring medical assistance to needy persons, she was awarded the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service by Gov. James B. Hunt of North Carolina.”

Those who nominated Dr. Lawrence shared she is one of the kindest, most caring and very competent physicians anywhere. She takes extra time with her patients and really cares. She focuses on what is important to them – why they should strive for better health including knowing the names of her patient’s children and family. She tries to help everyone with any medical concern and always makes the patient feel most important – giving all her attention to them. Many of her peers shared how much her patients love her and how she is an excellent role model for other providers in the practice of medicine.

  • Patients adore her skills, compassion and commitment to them. Her energy is limitless.
  • She does more than just care for patients. She offers patients clinical trials and research opportunities in numerous important studies.
  • Peers frequently acknowledge her as a valued advisor for hospital administration and offering guidance.
  • Steps up and gives of herself freely. She has served as Chief of Staff twice and serves on additional committees such as the Credential Committee. Dr. Lawrence has filled in with very little notice when hospitalist staffing has needed her.
  • Outstanding philanthropic spirit and contributor to the community – Broad Street Clinic, Community College, Church, NPR and many more.
  • I do not know how one person has enough time in her life to do all that she does or give all that she does.
  • She will do whatever it takes to ensure the highest quality of care is provided to the community we serve.

Pocock concludes, “She and her husband could work anywhere, but they are ours and we are so happy they have chosen to live and provide their services here. Her caring, selfless manner is an inspiration to all of us. She is very deserving of this honor and we appreciate her dedication to the patients and families in Carteret County.”