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Urine Specimen Collection

Clean Catch Urine Collection (for Urinalysis and Culture)

Supplies (sterile urine cup, clean catch wipes, plastic bag for transport if necessary) can be obtained from the LAB or your physician's office. Please follow these instructions:

  • Clean genital area with the wipes. FEMALES: Clean from front to back; MALES: Clean urethral opening area.
  • Allow first urine flow to go into the commode.
  • Catch the "mid-stream" of the urine in the sterile container.
  • Replace lid firmly on the container.
  • Label specimen with name, date and time of collection.
  • Place the specimen in the transport bag.
  • Transport the specimen to the lab as soon as possible. If delay is necessary, specimen may be kept in your refrigerator up to 24 hours.

24-Hour Urine Collection

Supplies may be obtained from the LAB.


  • Acid - Be very careful not to splash contents. Should an accident occur, rinse any splashed areas with copious amounts of water. Submit specimen as soon as possible and within 24 hours of collection, unless otherwise instructed.
  • None - Keep specimen container in the refrigerator during the collection period and until it can be delivered to the lab (as soon as possible but within 24 hours of completion).
  1. Empty the bladder completely on awakening in the morning. DISCARD THAT URINE.
  2. Record the date and time.
  3. All urine passed during the remainder of the day and night must be poured into the container. Urine passed during bowel movements must also be collected but take care not to contaminate the urine with the feces as this may adversely affect the test results.
  4. The next AM, end the collection by SAVING what urine you are able to pass at exactly the same time as the previous AM.