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Mary Katherine Lawrence MD

Endocrinology/Internal Medicine

Endocrinology & Metabolism
Internal Medicine-American Board of Internal Medicine

UNC-Chapel Hill

George Washington University School of Medicine

Vanderbilt University Hospitals

Diabetes and Thyroid Disease
Osteoporosis detection, prevention and treatment

American College of Endocrinologists-Fellow;
Certified-International Society of Bone Densitometry;
Medical Director, Broad Street Clinic;
Chief of Staff-Carteret General Hospital-2011,
Former Credentials Committee Chair;
Member-Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Inhaled Insulin in Type 1 Diabetics
Renal Failure in Type 2 Diabetics
Cantata-02, SGLT 2 Inhibitor
GBBD, type 2 diabetes on insulin
Target Diabetic neuropathy, aldose reductase
Renal Insufficiency in Diabetes
Milly, Asthma
Drug Naive Type 2 Diabetes, SGLT inhibitor
Toccato: Rimonabontin Diabetes
E2008 Diabetic Neuropathy
E2007 Diabetic Neuropathy
Extra Xolair in Asthma
DPP-4 in Drug Naive Diabetes
CV-168 Drug Naive Type 2 Diabetes
Ascend Diabetic Nephropathy
Symlin in Type 1 and 2 Diabetes
IDAS-Inhaled Insulin in Asthma/COPD
IDAH-Inhaled Insulin in Type I DM
IDAP-Inhaled Insulin in Type II DM
DPP-4 Inhibitor in Diabetic Nephropathy
TREAT Anemia in Diabetic Nephropathy
Matrix Urinary Incontinence
Domperodine Trial Diabetic Gastroparesis
Smart Study-Asthma
Glimepiridein Type 2 Diabetes
Miglitol in Type 2 Diabetes
Bisphosphomates in Osteoporosis
Testostrone Replacement in Type 2 Diabetes
Pravastatin in Hyperlipidemia