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CTE High School Students

High School Internships - Carteret Health Care provides a number of programs for high school students to increase their awareness of health careers with the aim of expanding the healthcare workforce and diversity in Eastern North Carolina. We provide practical information to assist students in making informed decisions about potential careers in healthcare. By partnering with the Carteret County School System, high school students in 11th and 12th grades are able to participate in a CTE class that includes an internship in our hospital. Students will learn about various health care careers and experience what it is like to work in their own hometown environment.

Directions for Completing the Requirements for High School Internships and Observations

For the CTE Program Internships, you must talk with your school coordinator first.

#1- Letter of Agreement & Certificate of Insurance. This is your school’s responsibility to ensure there is an established Educational Institutional Letter of Agreement and certificate of insurance on file. Your school Coordinator can answer this for you.

#2- Student Internship/Observation Documents: Email to request a student packet that will contain:

  • Student Contract for Shadowing Experience sheet.
  • Carteret HIPAA and Compliance Agreement
  • Student Observation Guidelines
  • Carteret Health Care Minor Release
  • Photo Release Form (Non-patient)

#3- Carteret Health Care Student Safety module and certificate. Print certificate to include with your signed documents.

Minor Student General Orientation

CHC Student Safety Module

#4- Immunizations. Records from birth to present must be provided when your documents are submitted.

  • TB PPD - TB Gold Quantiferon Test OR Two Step Tests
  • MMR- 2 doses or positive titer (results include ref. range)
  • HEP B- Energix B or Recombivax- B 3 doses( 0,1, and 6 months) OR Heplisav- B 2 doses (0 and 1 month) or Positive titer (results include ref range) (For Declination or waiver, a copy must be on file
  • TDAP- TDAP is optional or 1 dose TDAP/ TD booster every 10 years
  • VARICELLA- 2 doses or positive titer(results include ref range)
  • COVID-19 Vaccine- Complete vaccination series of any of the three vaccine products
    • Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) – Single dose
    • Pfizer-BioNTech – Two doses, 21 days apart
    • Moderna – Two doses, 28 days apart
  • You MUST SUBMIT a COVID release form for approval 4 weeks prior to starting internship if applying for a covid medical or religious exemption. Ask your school coordinator for a form.
  • Influenza: current seasonal vaccination for rotations from October-April.

Return ALL documents, module completion certificates, and immunizations to your school coordinator.