The health of our community is at the heart of the care we provide to our patients.

The Carteret Health Care Nurse Residency Program is committed to the nursing philosophy that the health of our community is at the heart of the care we provide to our patients. For this reason, our nurse residency program is structured not only to help the new graduate to transition into professional clinical practice, but also to understand the entire patient care experience, which enhances the ability to coordinate care across the continuum for every patient, every time, at the right time.

The CHC Nurse Residency Program consists of 3 phases:

8-week Transition to Practice

The focus is on making a transition in critical thought processes from that of a student to that of a registered nurse. Residents have opportunities to participate in activities that enable them to enhance their strengths and recognize their weaknesses, allowing them to create an individualized learning plan. During this phase, residents are rotated to various patient care areas to observe and analyze how nurses apply the nursing process to their practice, as well as to develop a sense of empathy for the patient. In addition, residents rotate through clinical support areas to experience collaborative processes and understand the impact on patient care and outcomes. Every other week, residents meet together to review critical nursing concepts and discuss lessons learned.

8-week Nursing Orientation

A preceptor is assigned to assist the nurse resident in the completion and documentation of required competencies. The focus is on developing the organization and prioritization skills necessary to coordinate care for a group of patients.

12-week Independent Practice

Since the resident is no longer under the direct supervision of a preceptor, a mentor is assigned to continue to foster the growth of the novice nurse. The focus during this time is to develop a solid foundation that will prepare the nurse resident for a lifetime of excellent nursing professional practice.

Upon successful completion, the nurse resident will be eligible to apply and transfer to any open nursing position in the facility, including specialty areas.

Here’s what a few of our team members have to say about the Nursing Residency program:
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