Brady Birthing Center

The Maternal Child Health Department offers a wide range of obstetrical services and physician providers. We care for mothers during every phase of their pregnancy — and after delivery. Prenatal services include:

  • Childbirth education classes
  • Breastfeeding classes
  • Ultrasonography.

We even offer a helpful pregnancy app that can be downloaded in iTunes and Google Play.

A top-of-the-line birthing center with all the home comforts

The Brady Birthing Center houses six birthing suites with a home-like environment. These allow you to labor and deliver in a room that helps the birth of your child to be a truly special and memorable event. Our nine postpartum rooms are decorated with the same home-like environment to reduce stress and promote mother/infant bonding. For the dads, we provide sleeper couches to promote family unity. We promote rooming in - keeping the mom and baby together. And for military families, we provide assistance with Freedom calls, so dad can be involved with the birth of his child.

We know the importance of the mother-child bond

That's why we encourage skin-to-skin immediately after birth to promote bonding and early breastfeeding. Skin to skin assists in the regulation of the newborn's blood sugar and reduces anxiety. All mothers are offered this same bonding opportunity, including C-Section mothers, who may also choose a clear drape during delivery. 

Your child's safety is our top priority

For enhanced security of your newborn, we are the first North Carolina hospital to utilize the technology of CertaScan that is an added safety measure for infants that will last a lifetime.

We're here for you - before, during, and after delivery

We offer a Breastfeeding Support Program in which a Breastfeeding Educator/RN will make initial contact in the hospital and continue to offer support and assistance with breastfeeding after discharge. We’re the only hospital in eastern North Carolina that offers continued breastfeeding support. For more information on our childbirth and breastfeeding classes, call 252-499-6200.

Intermediate Nursery

Special care services in our intermediate nursery are available for babies who need a little extra help following birth. Services include: cardiac monitoring, respiratory and oxygen therapy, and nutritional support to provide for your infant's continuing growth and development. Families are provided with education prior to discharge and are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of their baby's care.

Women's Services

The focus of our Women's Health Care Program is to provide for the care and education of women in our community — throughout their life span. Our services include care before and after all gynecological surgeries. The program also includes diagnostic testing, health care screening, family education and management of all health care issues concerning women. Our staff is trained to provide for the unique needs of women and their families. Providing education for women about women's health is a priority.