A new outlook, a new brand.

You’ve probably noticed some changes at Carteret General Hospital. It’d be impossible not to, right? And while some of the most noticeable changes involve the new name and construction, the real transformations are within our new walls – the improvements in the quality of patient care.

Another big change is the refreshed brand and image we’re building in our community. Before we made any changes, however, we talked to the community, to the hospital staff and to community leaders. We learned three fundamental things from the valuable input we received:

  • General Hospital is an outdated term and does not convey all the specialty services we offer.
    The word Carteret summarizes our identity as a community and as a hospital more than any other word.
  • Our people display an extraordinary level of passion and care for the community

From that learning, we crafted our new look, our new image, our new philosophy – even our new brand.

Carteret Health Care is here for our community, our families and friends — therefore, Carteret is the first word you see. Health Care describes what we do.

We call our new graphic icon The Circle of Care. This logo utilizes colors, style and design that evoke images of sun, sand, water, waves, health, care and vitality – everything that makes our community unique.

Carteret Health Care

Your community hospital, designed to embrace the future of health care, wrapped in the spirit of the people of Carteret County.